DisCas Vision

DisCas Vision is the ‘social pedia’ platform that aims to unite governments, organizations and communities into a healthy discussion. The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and transparent system to share the opinions, investment, and profit distribution.


Token Value




Market Cap (USD)


DisCas is creating the platform to educate users and take a real social responsibility for a more informed society; powered by a strong will and collaborative mindset assisted by our most advanced and intelligent systems of capability.

Social pedia is a new term that we created, it has a similar system as social media, but without creating a "filter bubble" also has a source of income through "black-claps" instead of an ad. A unique advantage of DisCas is to make issues as investment objects and everyone has the chance to monetize their opinion, giving society the best solution.

The Visions

DisCas technology enables our users to make an impact on their country or society by reducing polarization and wealth and income inequality, measured using the ini ratio. Political stability directly impacts the trust given by the international community and investors. Foreign investors have consistently rewarded countries that support a rule of law, protection of human rights, and policies that prevent high-level corruption.

In the future, DisCas expected to bring up many intelligent influencers who are able to spread the positive impact on society. However not only discussing heavy topics but also directed to fun topics for entertainment purposes. It is also hoped that the results of the discussions at DisCas will serve as a reference for decision makers.

Platform Interface

We are building for you!

Currently we are working to develop platform which combine the fundamental function of Twitter, Quora, Change org, Clubhouse, LinkedIn and able to generate income like Binance with revenue stream we named “black-claps”. However, the interface will be very simple to use.

You are building for your own sake.

Supporting DisCas means you accelerate on developing smart civilization. DisCas solve pros and cons in society, disinformation, misinformation, misleading, hoax, misstatement and propaganda. Let’s emerge the change for a better future.


Everyone can contribute to solving problems.

Healthy Discussion

Teach people to think objectively.


Eliminating violence caused by the issues.

Income Generator

Earn money via claps or investing in issues.

Reliable Source

Real account, transparent and publicity verifiable.


Score result can’t be altered by any third party.

Smart Influencers

Escalate reputation by solving many problems.

Potential Opportunity

Possible to become a digital election platform.

DisCas Token

Token Distribution

Token Economy

DisCas token is a BEP20 token standard built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) smart contract. The circulation supply of DisCas tokens will be no more than 67,600 and can not be exchanged.

Allocation Of Funds

To fund the development of the project, DisCas has gone through quite a challenging ICO. Until now DisCas remain steadfast in its goal of creating and supporting a blockchain ecosystem for everyone. Meanwhile the allocation of funds is broken down as follows:

  • 14,450 (21%) of the tokens are locked as liquidity
  • 6,769 (10%) tokens for development & team [locked until 2022]
  • 5,000 (7%) tokens for donations and charity projects
  • 40,431 (61%) tokens are reserved for public sale
  • 400 (1%) tokens are burned

You can see other distribution from the chart besides.


Q1 2021

Platform design, consultation with Govt Institution, Politician, Organization, Bank Executive, Media, Startup Unicorn Executive, Blockchain Experts, Etc. Collaborate with software house.

Q2 2021

Launching DisCas Token, promotion, platform development, social media setup, rebranding, listing in exchanges and audit.

Q3 2021

Launching platform Phase 1 (Indonesia), charity, strenghten community, bigger promotion, partnership with big brands & influencers.

Q4 2021

Phase 2 (Asia), skyrocketing, promotion, integrating Token to Payment System.

Q1 2022

Phase 3 (Global), establish DisCas foundation for charity project.