DisCas Vision is the platform aims to unite governments, organizations and communities into a decentralized, open and fair network. The smart contract technology that underlies the platform will provide an automated and transparent system for investment and profit distribution.


Description Of The Problem

Disinformation is a major threat to technology companies, society, and democracy and it’s only getting worse. In 2019, disinformation campaigns occurred in at least 70 countries, a significant jump from 28 countries in 2017. The authenticity of information has become a longstanding issue affecting businesses and society.

It’s impossible to quantify how much bad information is out there now because the spread of it online has been relentless. On social networks, the reach and effects of information has crept into much darker, sinister corners and taken on forms like the internet meme. It acquires tremendous potential to cause a real-world impact – within minutes, for millions of users.

DisCas is creating the platform to educate users and take a real social responsibility for a more informed society; powered by a strong will and collaborative mindset assisted by our most advanced and intelligent systems of capability.

Our Solution

DisCas Vision is a decentralized platform built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. Blockchain technology provides indispensable advantages, such as openness, immutability, and censorship-resistance of all stored information, whereas smart contracts, which will be carrying out investment and profit distribution, make these processes completely transparent and open.

A unique advantage of DisCas is to make issues investment objects, giving society the best solution.

Factors Influencing Price Growth

After BEP, revenue shares from the platform will be distributed in the form of tokens regularly to increase market capitalization.

Allocation Of Funds

Total circulation supply of DisCas tokens will be no more than to 67,600 and can not be exchanged. This is broken down as follows:

  • 14,450 (21%) of the tokens are locked as liquidity
  • 6,769 (10%) tokens for development & team [locked until 2022]
  • 5,000 (7%) tokens for donations and charity projects
  • 40,431 (61%) tokens are reserved for public sale
  • 400 (1%) tokens are burned

You can see other distribution from the chart besides.

You can also do your transfers on Binance Smart Chain with the DisCas token. This is our BscScan smart contract number: 0x2BCDCf1ef1320Fc5F9a71CA0BD1504D6125F7569

Where is DisCas token used?

It can be used on the DisCas platform, but there are several use cases. One of these is the payment system; we aim to expand the intended use and usage area of the DisCas platform and token.

Our Goal

DisCas technology enables our users to make an impact on their country or society by reducing polarization and wealth and income inequality, measured using the Gini ratio. Political stability directly impacts the trust given by the international community and investors. Foreign investors have consistently rewarded countries that support a rule of law, protection of human rights, and policies that prevent high-level corruption.

Donating To Communities In Need

It is a charity made up of helpful people in the DisCas community and team. A portion of the funds collected from DisCas token sales will be donated to charitable organizations and communities in need. We are committed to making the process of donating easy and will be developing a blockchain-based solution and aim to grow our aid fund over time as our community grows.

DisCas Platform Interface